My Unbroken Heart

So you know what’s crazy? Lately I actually feel myself deciding how I will change, and am changing, and how I will not. Life has happened with gale force, and it does not ever get to be the same again. I could let this toughen me, make me stone. I am stronger, for sure, but it seems like I have choices every day, almost every hour sometimes, as to what my heart will keep.

I am going to keep trust. I refuse to become the person who is afraid at every turn of being betrayed, abandoned, or let down.

I am going to keep compassion and empathy. So much love and grace have swirled around me and embraced me like a tangibly intangible Spirit-hug. I want to be the kind of friend my friends have been to me.

I am going to keep my song. Music has come alive to me and in me again, like air setting me in motion when I thought I was paralyzed for good. And I’ve learned to dance! I’m not that great, but it sure feels good. When I was a child and "I prayed the Lord my soul to keep," guess He did. Thank God. Blow up the world, but my heart is indestructible. 

Life is good - and I love you.

Here's a song for you: