Something Better

I knew there was evil. I knew there was good. I just didn’t know how much of it blasted through people in one form or another pretty much all the time. One or the other. Narrow it down. I knew people were capable of astounding good, unimaginable acts of kindness, self-sacrifice, and humane compassion that is as Christ-like as Jesus himself. I also knew about Hitler, Stalin, Scrooge, and the Boogy-man....but I underestimated the power of darkness when it somehow gains access to shiny people. Regular every day non-history making foul play of the soul destroys the beauty of humanity one petty move at a time. Who knew? Who knew so many people would buy into it? You know, bullies have a way of gathering an audience of low-self-esteemed soldiers, afraid to shine in their own shadowy schemes, or worse yet, to shine in the light they were born to be. Jealousy may be at the root of most of it, some sort of poisonous hubris. Ego? Power? Narcissism? Fear? I don’t really know. I just know that many many people are quick to call something “demonic” but they scurry into the underbrush when that fury is exposed. And while detached people busy themselves diagnosing the wicked games of the vengeful lost, the innocent are left to fend for themselves. Let's get some backbone and take a stand!

Not to discount the spiritual warfare in it all. I get it. Maybe the devil looks like a red-tailed dragon, or maybe he looks like Al Pacino.

I love Ephesians 6 as much as the next Christian, but I am not the one quick to cite demons at play. I am, rather, becoming more and more aware that people do most of the work before the gremlins can even get their popcorn and find a good seat. Yeah. I think jealousy, un-forgiveness, bitterness, revenge, greed, laziness, bad habits...all of these things do the job of thousand fallen angels.

All of this to say Faith Hope and Love still rule supreme, and when all is said and done, Forgiveness will have the final say. The tragedy is in the time, the joy, and the work wasted in unnecessary suffering when something better was available all along.