Kim McLean

I'm left handed, I love guitars and anything that makes music, I write songs, I sing them for you, and that makes me happy.


Angel in the Stone

There's a story about Michelangelo finding the work of art in the stone. Yesterday I was at First Lutheran downtown Nashville where I will be leading worship tomorrow. The best way to prepare for worship is to worship and it was beautiful time of solitude with my Beloved. Then this song came to me. I can't really say I found it. It found me. I am hesitant to share it because it is new and raw and maybe unfinished. But then, so am I. May Life find the angel in you today.


Bananas. They’re so funny. I just heard a story about someone who feels called to deliver bananas to old people in nursing homes.  Not apples. Not oranges. Just bananas. Oh, the implications. I nearly did a Danny Thomas spit-take, and I think the story-teller would have understood. My great-grandmother would have understood. Old people are funny, too. I look forward to being funny like that. It will be a nice way to wind down this crazy life.  I’ll be the same ‘ol me doing the same ‘ol things, but I’ll be old, so when I eat a banana the same ‘ol way, it will be hilarious. I’ll guffaw the loudest, probably inside, because on the outside I will be my same ‘ol dry witted me. I’ll still hold the banana up to my ear and pretend to make a call. It will be cute instead of stupid then. I’ll display it under my nose like a big yellow grin. I’ll make a crude joke with it and feel insulted when everyone laughs like I shouldn’t be sexy anymore. Or maybe I’ll still be sexy like Mamie Van Doren, and they’ll laugh awkwardly. From inside my aged body, I will hear their patronizing tones, and I’ll think about how surprised they’ll be when they are in my banana slippers. I’ll feel young, so young that when I pass a mirror I won’t know who that old lady is. Bananas will keep me young, not the fruit, the attitude. So here’s to all the banana ministries out there. And the moral of the story is, don’t question your calling. Somebody needs your bananas.

Nothin' but the Truth

I wrote a song a long time ago that I love to sing. It's a "hurt so good kind of song", a cathartic gush of emotion, a Country and Blues kind of feeling. I sang it the other night. Usually it lances the pain of life, memories, and memories says it. Need I say more? Yep. I have a smattering of lyrical prose to add to my ever evolving acceptance of life on life's terms, and it is this...

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Love. Is. It's. Own. Reward.

I am grateful that love is it's own reward. Love is a mighty big word. To love people is to celebrate with them, to forgive them, to believe in them. I love learning. I love my stuff, my guitars, my home, my pets. I love my family, my talents, and my need for love, because it brings me back to people, and to God. Love is it's own reward. If I know this, then...

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My Unbroken Heart

So you know what’s crazy? Lately I actually feel myself deciding how I will change, and am changing, and how I will not. Life has happened with gale force, and it does not ever get to be the same again. I could let this toughen me, make me stone. I am stronger, for sure, but it seems like I have choices every day, almost every hour sometimes, as to what my heart will keep.

I am going to keep trust...

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Life Lessons

___Life Lessons

Never let anyone speak with your voice, not even someone you consider to be a true friend. Don’t let anyone think they know you so well that they can tell everyone what you would say or how you would feel. You could end up with someone else’s foot in your mouth, but it’s your reputation that will be on the line.

Lately I’ve been learning...

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I wish I could offer encouragement to everyone hurting or disillusioned or broken or even just stuck in status quo. I find strength in these words from a very famous passage: 

“Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.”...

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Something Better

I knew there was evil. I knew there was good. I just didn’t know how much of it blasted through people in one form or another pretty much all the time. One or the other. Narrow it down. I knew people were capable of astounding good, unimaginable acts of kindness, self-sacrifice, and humane compassion that is as Christ-like as Jesus himself. I also knew about Hitler, Stalin, Scrooge, and the Boogy-man....but I underestimated the power of darkness when it somehow gains access to shiny people...

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