Kim McLean

I'm left handed, I love guitars and anything that makes music, I write songs, I sing them for you, and that makes me happy.


kim 9.jpg

We create combustion through music and the community it becomes.  Publishing, Label Services, Live Events, Creativity Summits, and a Brand.

Creativity. Community. Combustion.

Hippie Chick Twang is a sound.  Hippie Chick Twang is a record label.  Hippie Chick Twang is a music publishing company.  Hippie Chick Twang is an event.  Hippie Chick Twang is a creative Community.  Hippie Chick Twang is a lifestyle - the combustion that happens when like minds gather to paint the world into a more beautiful picture.

  • You can listen and buy our music.
  • You can record or license our music.
  • You can wear our TWANG-stuff.
  • You can invite us to bring our music to you LIVE.